SaaS Analytic Solutions

Do you have a rich set of analytic capabilities you would like to extend to your client base?  Offering analytic tools to your clients and partners has a number of benefits including:

    • Entice new clients
    • Differentiate your organization from your competitors
    • Reduce client churn as they come to rely on your tools for day to day operation
    • Increase efficiency and reduce operational cost through client self-service

Whether you need to enhance an existing analytic SaaS solution or create a new one, Ximtek is your partner to help you rapidly develop and deploy to your client base.  In addition to our deep expertise in analytics, we understand the unique considerations of SaaS solutions including:

    • Off-the-shelf technology choices most appropriate for multi-tenancy
    • How best to leverage the cloud
    • Security
    • HIPAA considerations
    • Service level planning, measurement, and quality assurance