Quality Initiatives and P4P

The best way to achieve quality initiatives and P4P targets is to know real-time where you stand and what adjustments you need to take at any given moment to assure attainment.  It requires a PHM program that delivers an actionable and comprehensive clinical picture of each patient in addition to tools to measure and stratify patients into risk-classes over which you can efficiently prioritize and allocate resources such as outreach programs.  Ximtek can bring the following to bear to rapidly deliver custom analytics and management solutions for your STAR, HEDIS, ACO ratings, and other P4P and quality initiatives:

    • A core comprehensive and extendable healthcare semantic and logical database model that reflects our decades of experience working with healthcare data
    • An enormous collection of pre-developed software libraries and modules that allow us to engineer your solution fast
    • Top talent able to deploy healthcare analytic solutions across front-end tools including Qilikview, Tableau, PowerBI, and others
    • Machine learning talent that can empower your application with predictive capability

We will position your organization for quality initiative and P4P success.