Clinical Decision Support

It’s on the radar for many providers but still a concept in infancy.  Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) can augment the ability of health professionals to make effective decisions regarding the treatment choices for their patients.  The goals are simple enough:

    • Increase quality of care and patient health outcomes
    • Avoid errors
    • Eliminate or reduce adverse events
    • Improve efficiency
    • Increase satisfaction to both patient and provider

Getting there is anything but simple as CDSS requires a key blending of biomedical knowledge, clean patient data, and an inference engine that can evaluate, prescribe and present clinical information synergistic with your organization’s workflow and practices.

With our deep healthcare knowledge and expertise in data and inference engines, Ximtek is your CDSS partner.  Let us tailor a solution for you that fully integrates with your EHR and clinical workflow solutions.